When it comes to cinematic lighting, the most common goal is to recreate the aesthetic of natural light. Light that is bounced off of a locations surfaces defines the environment as opposed to light that simply defines its source.

Lightbridge has elevated the art of reflected lighting with their Cine Reflect Lighting System. The system consists of various sized C-Reflectors offering different levels of diffusion. The C-reflectors have very high light efficiency transfer, reflecting 98 percent of a source while maintaining 100% color rendition. Their design and high-quality build ensure consistency as well as longevity proving the CRLS as investment quality equipment. Much thought and development has been invested into keeping the C-Reflectors surfaces extremely flat while working in the rough filmmaking environment. This is what keeps their reflected light extremely directional, allowing light to be controlled without boxing in every lighting setup. Other systems have produced cheaply made equipment that lack the quality and longevity of Lightbridge CRLS.

The different levels of integrated diffusion provide a beautiful palette of options when it comes to light quality. Starting with Diffusion #1, Punch Black, which produces a hard circular ray of light ideal for edge lighting or used to redirect light to another C-Reflector rather than adding a new source. Diffusion #2, Sky Blue, produces a medium circular ray of diffused light creating the effect of ambient skylight, a wonderful method of recreating a window light source. Diffusion #3, Ambient Violet, increases the softness of the return producing the quality of light found on an overcast day, maintaining the lights direction but adding a soft uniform result. Diffusion #4, Super White, delivers the maximum diffused reflection in the system. Inspired by the soft light reflected by a snowbank, its subsurface scattering produces a glowing result found nowhere else in the market.   

In addition to the elevated quality of light afforded by the CRLS, there are also many unique and thoughtful factors within. Designed with usability and safety in mind, the system is a pleasure to operate with its intuitive hardware and thoughtful safety features. Standard 5/8” Baby Pins and Baby Receivers, known as C-wheels are used when rigging the C-Relectors allowing the system to interface with existing standard grip support. The oversized C-Wheels will hold the C-Reflector firmly up to 3G force, enabling the system to mount on vehicles or in high wind conditions. The C-Wheel’s surface interfacing with the mounting track on the C-Reflector is constructed from a special material allowing it to slide silently and effortlessly into place. A safety wedge is built into the C-Wheel which will release if the C-Reflector is struck with 0.5Kn of force, protecting the equipment and the operator if a stand happens to topple over.