CRLS Grip Bundles

To harness the power of natural light, Lightbridge offers five C-Reflectors each with its own unique diffusion level to control light without boxing in the lighting setup. Superior manufacturing and care goes into every CRLS system, creating a precision flat surface to withstand rough filming environments for repeated use.

Matthews has teamed up with Lightbridge to help spread the word about the many benefits of lighting with C-Reflectors. And, because we are known for high-quality, durable, and long-lasting grip equipment, we have created specialized Grip Bundles to support and enhance the operation of your CRLS investment.  All CRLS Grip Bundles include one male or female C-Wheel—FREE of charge. Contact us using the contact form above, or call 818-843-6715 or your CRLS Matthews Dealer to order.

Starter Clamp Bundle PN 999060: $499.00

When adding high-quality reflectors to your lighting package, it’s a great idea to add mounting options. This bundle includes amazingly versatile Matthellinis and Knuckle Heads. Both pair incredibly well with the CRLS system, allowing the reflectors to be mounted and safely adjusted in an array of configurations. The Bundle also includes Female C-Wheel, a must have when working with the CRLS system.

Contains the following:

  • 4ea Knuckle Head PN 540024
  • 1ea 6" End Jaw Matthellini PN 420210
  • 3ea 2" End Jaw Matthellini PN 420110
  • 2ea 6" Pin with Collar PN 429599
  • 1ea Female C-Wheel PN 119102

Stand Bundle PN 999062: $599.00

With reliable lighting tools you need reliable grip support. This bundle includes three stands in varying sizes offering mounting solutions with options. Included are two lightweight sturdy Kit Stands, one featuring a smaller footprint to tuck away in tight sets and medium double riser Kit Stand with a larger footprint. The largest of the stands is an aluminum Combo Stand featuring spring dampened risers and a Combo Head offering an 1-1/8” Junior Receiver and a Pop-Up 5/8” Baby Pin. This kit also includes a Female C-Wheel, a must when mounting your C-Reflectors.  

Comes with the following:

  • 1ea Light/Heavy 2xr Kit Stand PN B387487
  • 1ea Light/Heavy 3xr Kit Stand PN B387490
  • 1ea Aluminum Combo 2xr Stand, Black PN B366167
  • 2ea 6'" Pin with Collar PN 429599
  • 1ea Female C-Wheel PN 119102

Lighting Control Bundle PN 999064: $799.00

This bundle is jam packed with the best portable grip gear to compliment your CRLS investment. Starting with two medium duty kit stands, small enough to travel but large enough to reliably support your gear. Also included is the Road Rags Kit, the ultimate in portable lighting control, offering a variety of textiles that mount onto lightweight 18”x24” frames, all of which break down into a rugged Cordura travel bag. The Mini Grip Kit, also in a Cordura travel bag, features Mini Matthellinis, Micro Grip Rods and Mini Grip Heads, all of which are very portable yet sturdy rigging options are the perfect support for the Road Rags modifiers. This kit also includes a male C-Wheel, the intuitive mounting solution for the CRLS system.

Comes with the following:

  • 1ea 18"x24" Road Rag Kit PN 350595
  • 1ea Mini Grip Kit PN 350598
  • 2ea Medium Duty Kit Stand, Black PN B389788
  • 1ea Knuckle Head PN 540024
  • 1ea Male C-Wheel PN 119104